Chandrababu Naidu became the king of corruption in AP due to his tolerance towards corruption. He had been a part of huge scams and allowed corruption to seep into his government. Not just that, he had shown total indifference towards the people of Andhra Pradesh. One of the reasons why he is called as 420 in AP is due to corruption. During his tenure as the chief minister of divided Andhra Pradesh, his party and his government has been accused of many things.

Here is why he is 420 in AP:

  1. Amravati land scam which was an inside trading job
  2. Polavaram project scam
  3. Playing caste politics
  4. Favoring people from his community
  5. Contracts for Polavaram project words were assigned to people from his party and community
  6. He was insensitive towards the cause of the people

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